Commercial Print Placement Services

Design professionals understand the importance of interiors that provide a high level of comfort for clients. The choice of high-quality art signals that the organization values the comfort of these individuals.

Why Choose Steven Fey Photography

Fey’s photography brings a vibrant environmental presence into your interiors, transforming blank walls into strong, colorful statements that are pleasing to a wide variety of viewers. This is not abstract art, but art that people can relate to.

Bringing the Outdoors In

For companies based in the western United States, Fey’s photography brings the local landscape indoors and connects viewers to the natural beauty of their region. Fey’s art is especially appropriate for organizations whose corporate mission is related to environmental issues.

Fey’s work is also perfectly suited to the health care environment. Images of the natural world are soothing and distracting, appropriate for lobbies and common areas as well as high-stress areas such as exam and procedure rooms, where they help ease anxiety and discomfort.


Our services include:

  • Free on-site consultation for image selection, placement and lighting
  • Value pricing direct from the artist (ask about our leasing options)
  • Volume discounts
  • Direct negotiations with the artist
  • Turn-around times to meet your project deadlines
  • Value-added services, including framing, delivery and installation

View a list of collections that include Steven Fey’s photography.