Spring Update 2018

We have had a busy spring season at the Gallery with a lot of darkroom printing sessions and new black and white work on display. Most of the work was generated by new negatives exposed last fall on the Olympic beaches and in the rain forest river beds.

August Update

We are pleased to announce that the Steven Fey Photography Gallery will be the featured venue for the First Friday Art Walk, August 7th, on Bainbridge Island

Spring Update

The winter and spring have been a productive time at the Gallery. I have been making new images outside both here in Washington and in Hawaii

Fall Update

The fall has been a busy and productive time at the Gallery.  A number of newly printed pieces are hanging on our walls.  There are some large color prints from the east flowing rivers in Olympic National Park that were made to support the Wild Olympics Proposal, a current bill before Congress to expand the […]

Summer Update

The 2014 summer has been a busy time for the Gallery. We are totally settled in our new Bainbridge Island location and our darkroom is fully operational for film processing and printmaking. We have become a popular stop on the Bainbridge First Friday Art Walk each month from 6 to 8PM.